Sunday, October 19, 2008


this is a pepsi advertisement..the advertisement is about zero sugar pepsi product.pepsi which doesnt include sugar called pepsi max..
ı think that this is a amazing advertisement. ı wıll talk about this amzing advertisement

1)this advertisement is very attractive for people which live in turkey because aysun kayacı had a part in this advertisement.she is very famaous in turkey.She is a model and she is verk famous with her lips..the audience is mostly mans
2)pepsi max doesnt include sugar .pepsi max slogan is zero sugar. secondly the audience is all people who dont want to put weight and like to drink coke
3) this advertisement content is when you begin to drink pepsi max ,you begin to kiss aysun kayacı on the same time . because of that it is very attractive for mans.
4)this advertisement can not forget because this advertisement formed 3 series. and this advertisements are very strange first advertisement aysun kayacı kisses a man and his friend at the same tıme and they envy each other and the last 3 serie aysun kayacı and aysel gürel ara police. aysun kayacı contolled a man in a trafic and kissed himto know is he use sugar like alcohol=).. you can watch this advertisements on (

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